Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Paris & Update!

Hey guys! I haven't posted in a while.. mostly due to the fact I have just been overwhelmingly busy!
Also the fact I haven't really known what to blog about...
SO I thought I would just do a quick update on what I've been up to the past couple weeks!

It has included a lot of staring at this..

A little bit of this..

And a whole lotta this!..

Hella yeah! I was lucky enough to be invited on a lovely weekend away to Paris with my best friend, and had an absolutely AMAZING time! I've got to admit, I never wanted to return!
The people in Paris are absolute babes, everyone was sooo nice! A little too nice sometimes, but nice nonetheless! And I don't know whether it was sympathy for how clueless we were in this french speaking city, or if it was the British charm, but every cafe we visited and every restaurant we went to, they always gave us a crazy deal, or chucked in a load of free stuff! *dances*
But moving on, it really was an incredible experience, I've never witnessed such beauty in a city.
I'm definitely interested in returning! Here's a few pics I took while I was out there :)

Thanks for reading!
Let me know if you have any suggestions for blogs! :) Jules xxx

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful. Aww, you must of had a wicked time. ;D Maybe we need to make a trip to that side of the pond someday!