Thursday, 27 September 2012

Alison Claire Natural Beauty Skin Care - Review!

Hello beautiful people! 
I am here today with a review of a couple of pretty awesome products :)

So, Alison Claire were super nice enough to send me a couple of bits from their skin care collection. 
If you don't know much about the company, here is a quick overview...

"Products so pure you can eat them"
Alison Claire
Starting as a response to raise awareness of some of the harsh chemicals and ingredients that nasty companies can put into our skin and haircare, they wanted to give us a completely different experience. Alison Claire are all about the natural. They use no fillers, no harsh preservatives, no synthetic fragrances and no colours!
Also, with working with people with sensitive skin, they were able to create products suitable for everyone.. always a plus!

So, the first product I was delighted to try, was a Lavender and Chamomile body lotion. 

So, with any review of a body lotion, there's one thing you've got to know first and foremost...
Does it work? This lotion definitely works, amazingly! I used this lotion for a few days, after each bath I would use this all over my body. It left my legs feeling sooo smooth after shaving, and the lavender and chamomile really soothed any redness and irritation. It moisturises instantly and my skin continued to feel silky and smooth throughout the day. Its consistency is also perfect for a lotion as its not too thick making it a dream to spread across the skin, and it will last for a long time! 

Now, on to another important factor...

How does it smell? Now, I'm not usually a very big fan of lavender scents, this is typically because I tend to find them to be quite artificial smelling. This however, blew me away! The smell is SO natural, it almost puts you into a trance! A few years ago, I lived in a house where in the garden grew a lavender bush, as soon as I smelled this lotion, that was all I could think about! Its so relaxing and puts you in an amazing state of calm, this is a great lotion to use just before bed, I guarantee you would get a beautiful sleep!

The next product I tried was the lemon-grass foot cream...
This was a lovely little product to try out!
This foot cream was super moisturising and after using it, I really felt as though I just came out of the salon! It makes your feet so supple and refreshed, and you, ready to take on the day! The scent of this product is incredible, I fell in love! It instantly refreshed both my mind and my body, and put a smile on my face. Also throughout the days of using this, my feet continued to feel good, even when out and about! Definitely a product to look into if you're searching for a fix for your feet!

Overall, I was extremely happy with these products.

Having a flick through the small catalogue they sent me and a browse on their website though, I discovered a tonne of products I just HAVE to try now!!

Mango And Coconut Body Lotion 

Apricot Shampoo 

Lemon Conditioner 

and so much more!

I am definitely wanting to get my hands on these products. 

So, please do have a look at the Alison Claire website at 
and have a look at what they've got to offer, tell me what's on your wish list!

Have you already tried something from Alison Claire? Tell me!

Hope this helped if you've been looking for a new range to check out, I REALLY recommend it!!

lots of love! Jules xxx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pink hair, don't care! Manic Panic VS Directions!

Hello there beautiful! 
I am here with a comparison between two extreme colour hair dyes, 'Manic Panic' and 'Directions'.
So this is my story... looking for a semi permanent pink dye to use for the ends of my hair, I took a trip to Camden and eventually found the much raved about brand 'Manic Panic' in Cyberdog. I bought the Amplified (supposedly better, stronger and longer lasting than the original) version of 'Cotton Candy Pink'. 
£12, Cyberdog
OR purchase from -

So, I got home and tried this baby out... these are the results.

But sadly, with noticeable fading from just 1+ days of being done, I wasn't too pleased with the lasting power of this dye, especially since it had taken nearly the WHOLE tub to do what you can see there.

So... on my A level results day I bumped into a girl which I speak to occasionally, and she really loved my hair. Being a bright hair colour fanatic herself, she suggested I try 'Directions', and told me where in the area I could get some, which I was delighted with as I am unable to order online. So, one day I took a trip to a hair shop called 'Paks' and picked up a tub in 'Flamingo pink' and 'Lavender'.

£3 each, Paks

I did my ends again with this pink, but faded it into my hair with lavender.. these were the results...

I really liked how this turned out, and the pink was so bright and vibrant! 
I know that this is mainly due to the shade difference chosen and not entirely the brand, but I couldn't help but notice the 'directions' did a much better job at covering all the hair and leaving no strand untouched. This colour stayed in for what seemed like an age, and it even possessed me to do this....

Yep, I had a YOLO moment...
and I did ALL that using still just the ONE pot of directions flamingo pink I had originally bought, and I STILL have a tonne left! 
I couldn't be happier with the directions dye.. it has lasted me an absolute AGE whereas the Manic Panic was a complete waste of money in my opinion. 
Also, unlike the Manic Panic, it eventually faded nicely and evenly...

And it came out enough to go to sixth form with a few really good washes! 
But did leave me with a few really lovely pink tones highlights hehe.

if you're looking for a good coloured semi dye... you have my recommendation! 

MWAH, BYE!! xxxx