Tuesday, 7 May 2013

30 ways to save £1 ~ MoneySupermarket

Hey there guys!!

Money supermarket are running an awesome competition for UK bloggers which helps us all pocket the pounds throughout the year to save money and treat ourselves with something nice ;)
This competition includes coming up with 30 handy tips and tricks to save £1 (or more), and one lucky winner will win a fantastic £1000!

Here are my money saving tips :)

1) Don't pay using your card when shopping, out for a meal or on a night out on a budget, when you can't physically see the money you are more inclined to spend more than you realise, instead, withdraw the amount you're allowing yourself to spend, and don't spend any more!

2) Keep a jar of spare change, put anything under a pound into it, and see how much you save!

3) Keep an eye out for special buy one get one free or 3 for 2 offers!

4) Use superdrug or boots own brand products, cheaper and just as effective!

5) When going to areas such as central London, bring lunch and drinks from home as the city can be mighty expensive!

6) Before a night out, pre drink pre drink pre drink! Some pubs bars and clubs are ridiculously priced, and having a couple before you leave means you can have a couple less while you're out!

7) Ask for samples! Before you splash the cash on expensive foundations just because the blogging world says they're great, test it out for a few days to make sure it's right for you!

8) Check out charity shops in your local area as they might have some amazing clothes for much less than you would pay elsewhere on the high street!

9) Open a saving account! A few years down the line you could have a holiday or cars worth in there!

10) Check out eBay for amazing deals and cheap dupes!

11) When food shopping, only buy what you KNOW you will eat, never by too much, if it goes to waste, it's only a waste of money!

12) Instead of buying new clothes and bags all the time, have a look to see if you can customise or change things you already have to suit the current fashion!

13) When buying dresses and occasion outfits, don't buy something you can only wear once and then is put away for eternity, buy things you can wear time and time again!

14) For expensive clothing, again make sure it's something you can get your money's worth out of, eg coats, jeans, and jackets!

15) Get an NUS card for student discounts and free goodies from many companies!

16) Cut the legs off old pairs of jeans instead of buying new shorts!

17) Go vintage by going through your mums or grandmothers wardrobe and taking their best pieces from their day! (With permission of course!)

18) When shopping at places who charge you for carrier bags, go prepared with you're own.

19) Stick to your phone plan! Never go over your monthly tariff, use a friends phone or go to a wifi zone!

20) Pound shops are more amazing than you think, sometimes you see things you pay up to 5x the price of in a supermarket usually!

21) Cut up old t-shirts for crop tops, or get cheap tees from the men's section in primark and turn them into more feminine, and more expensive looking tops!

22) Invest in decent tights, it's more efficient to own two or three pairs of good quality tights from m&s that will last ages, than to buy new primark ones every week!

23) Limit yourself to only going to the cinema on Wednesdays with the orange wednesdays offer!

24) Use loyalty cards such as nandos, to get perks of being a regular!

25) Use superdrug and boots advantage cards!

26) Sell unwanted items on eBay.

27) Swap clothes with friends when you're bored of your wardrobe or things don't fit anymore!

28) Walk instead of taking the bus if you don't have free bus travel, and if you do, bus it everywhere where possible instead of driving or using trains!

29) Never go to cash machines that charge fees for withdrawing money!

30) Go shopping in person when possible or only shop online when there is a free delivery offer on!

Hope these tips hope you pocket some extra pounds! :)
Have you got any money saving tips?

Jules xxxx

Monday, 1 April 2013

2013 has been a bit of a (drunken) blur...

In true Juliet style.. 2013 has been equally as CRAY as each and every other year..
and I KNOW I KNOW before you think "ok when did I even follow this girl... 1975?!" I'm sorry I haven't posted recently..
HOWEVER.. speaking of 1975... The 1975 are a band performing at Reading Festival (which im soooooooooooooooooooooo excited for!!!!!!) and I am absolutely in LOVE with their song 'Chocolate' - CHECK IT OUT HERE :) and let me know what you think... also, are you going to any festivals this summer?? there are some pretty epic line ups!!!! 

soooo anyway because i've been away from the blogging scene for soooooo long I figured I should reintroduce myself with some pictures of what i've been up to so far this year!! :)) 

and sometimes it got a leeeeeeetle bit messy!!!

you get the idea!!! :D

hope this is a good enough explanation of my absence ahahaha

I'll be back with a beauty post soon... if you have any requests do let me know in the comments below!!
laaaaaaavvvvvvvvvv ya xxxxxxx