Monday, 2 April 2012

Birthday Party: OOTD

So, I know my birthday was a while back, but I still think its never too late to show you what I wore on the night! This was my outfit:
Dress: River Island, Aprox. £34

My dress was a beach style halter-neck, which came up short at the front and floor length at the back. It was brown/purple leopard print on a pale pink/lilac base, very unusual! This is definitely why it caught my eye. Made from luxurious material the dress flows beautifully as you walk, however it is a good idea to hold the back of the dress up when going down stairs! I found the dress super long, which I liked.. however as I am very tall I am not sure how this dress would wear on a someone shorter! It is available in 'beachwear', so is perfectly designed as holiday friendly! If someone decides to whisk me away this summer I know what's going in my suitcase! All in all it was definitely a great buy! Very happy! :)

Shoes: Parmars (Stratford Westfield), £28
The shoes I wore with the dress have without a doubt taken 1st place as my favourite pair on heels! An absolutely gorgeous nude/pale pink colour, these shoes can be matched up with a limitless array of outfits. The style of the heel is fabulous! I am not the biggest fan of skinny stilettos to be honest with you, I bloody break my neck just looking at 'em! ..But these beauties have a gorgeous chunky heel, with a lovely curve I adore! Definitely wearable for any occasion, and come with a set of heel tips in case you are in need of a re-heel 'cos you just wear them too damn much! ;)

Thanks for reading!! Jules xxx

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